Keppy’s Family

Meet my babies:


Holi is a Shetland Sheep Dog (Sheltie) born Oct. 9, 2000. She is fun and playful, in to everything and always close by. She is sweet and loves everyone and everything. She is Sable (tri colored black, brown & white).


Teddy is a Chow Chow born about Dec. 1, 1998

He is a sweet, lovable, quiet, mellow boy. He is very well behaved and a pleasure to have around. He is pour black and has a dark purple tong and big teeth :-)


Charlie is a Tomcat. He was born about March 23, 2002. He is loving and well behaved. He loves to snuggle and minds really well. He plays fetch and he taught me, I didn’t teach him.


Sarah (Baby), not sure what kind of dog she is, except extremely lovable and playful. You can’t leave anything laying around or she’ll take it outside. Otherwise, she is really good. She loves everyone, she almost never barks, she loves the water, loves attention and loves to snuggle.


Holi and Charlie play all the time. Teddy just can’t be bothered with those children!


They are the best little creatures anyone could ask for.


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My Babies