Personalized Gifts for the Home

Plastic Frame 10 inch clocks

Black Plastic Frame shown with Animal Design and name embroidered around the center

Black Plastic Frame

White Plastic Frame

Bless This Home Design

Wine Grapes Design

Personalized embroidered face clock under 10 colors

Price: $40.00 each

Sail Boats

Thread and Needles




Tea Pot and Cups

Because designs are meant to be used to create a unique and original clock, the designs will vary for every clock.


Designs shown in clock frames that are different from the frame being sold are for display purposes only. If you are interested in the frame shown for display, please click that clock to be taken to the set of clocks with that frame type.


You may specify color preferences and names to be added and we will make every effort to apply those specifications where possible, but there is no guarantee that we can always do so.


If we can personalize your clock with a name, there is no additional charge for one name.

Frame Color

Black or White Plastic Frame 10 Clock with black hands and red sweeping second hand, plastic lens, battery operated.

On the check out page leave any instructions for color choices and/or name to be embroidered on your item.

Wine Bottle

Watering Can

Winter Bird House

Quilting Nest


Spring Bird House