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Jonny Born 11/30/06

Evonne, Rick,

Lonny and Izzie


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U.S. Navy Salvage Divers


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Randy and Debbie’s daughter Kimberly gave birth to a son, Evan, in July 2006. Click the photo to see the happy event.

My daughter Frankie had a baby boy. We have ultra sound scans and photos. He was born November 30th. Don’t miss the short Christmas video or his talking video.

Photos of my grandchildren Lonny and Izzie in Florida with my cousin Evonne and her husband Rick

I try to give a brief update on what’s been going on with us over the last year and what we look forward to in the coming year. (will update in November)

A few photos from the reunion in San Diego 2001

Photos of my grandparents, parents, brother and my self and my children