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Type http://webmail.keppy.net in your browser, or click the link to take you to the sign on page.

Sign in WebMail

 keppy.net† (web, pop3 or imap mail)

 keppy.org† (web, pop3 or imap mail)

 kepela.com† (web, pop3 or imap mail)

 papertodvd.com† (web, pop3 or imap mail)

 cgreenstone.com (web, pop3 or imap mail)

 cgreenstone.net (web, pop3 or imap mail)

These are the domains you have to choose from. You can request your preferred name at any of these domains.

If your preferred name is available, I will email or call you (per your information provided to me on the left) with all the information you need to log in, change your password and get started.

Need a personal email account?


These are private domain names and email accounts are provided for family and friends only.

If you need a personal email account that doesnít change when you change internet service provides, then request one of mine. You can set these accounts up for just about any type of email service you prefer, like webmail to read mail from any computer on the internet, with some you can have pop3, or imap mail accounts to pick up mail in your mail reader, like Outlook Express. FAQ for setting up your new mail account, click the link.

Sign my guestbook, be sure to give me the name you would like for your email address (yourname@keppy.org) and be sure to put your email address and/or phone number for me to let you know the account has been setup. I need the user name (yourname) and the domain name (see the list to the right) you want, from the list on the side. If itís not in the drop down menu, then type it in the comments section. I need your current email address or phone number to contact you when your new account is setup.

Once setup, you go in and change your password and add your contact, just like a hotmail or yahoo account, but with this account you can also set it for pop3 or imap to read and save the mail on your own computer as well as the internet.

for family and friends only, sorry.

To contact us:

Phone: 818-217-0172

Fax: call for fax no.

E-mail: carol@keppy.net