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Click photo to start a short video of Jonny (about 30 seconds).

2 1/2 months old http://keppy.net/jonny.wmv

Click photo for short video of Jonny talking. 3 1/2 months old.


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7lb 9oz 19.5”

November 30th, 2006 5:26 a.m.

More Jonny



Click photo to watch Jonny at play time.


Jonny is about 5 months old. http://keppy.net/PlayTime.wmv

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Click photo for short video of Jonny Playing and crawling.


Video taken about June 3rd, he’s about 6 months old Weighs about 20 lb and is about 30 inches


Click photo to see Jonny at 7 1/2 months Photo about July 28


8 1/2 month and
He's Walking!Text Box: Watch a video of Jonny walking.

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JonJon, now one year old

and running every where.

He has a mouth full of teeth, 12 in or nearly in.

Jonny’s one year video